Gerhold Chemetals
Nonferrous metal,Metal Compounds service provider
Gerhold Chemetals Co., Ltd is a German company founded in Germany and China in 1997, Gerhold Chemetals focuses on research and development of Nano materials & Metal materials.Quality and detail is our essence to devote to human health. The manufacturing and quality are licensed and supervised by Gerhold Chemetals.
New Products

Nanometer Powders

Product name : Nanometer Powders Description : The nanophase me... [Detail]

Lithium iodide

Product name: Lithium iodide CAS: 10377-51-2 Molecular formula: Li... [Detail]

Osmium Tetroxide

Product name : Osmium Tetroxide CAS . : 20816-12-0 Molecular fo... [Detail]

Silver Nitrate

Product name : Silver Nitrate CAS NO. : 7761-88-8 Molecular formu... [Detail]

Caesium iodide

Product name: Caesium iodide CAS: 7789-17-5 Molecular formula: CsI... [Detail]

Yttrium(III) oxide

Product name : Yttrium(III) oxide CAS : 1314-36-9 Molecular f... [Detail]

Chloroaurie acid

Product name : Chloroaurie acid CAS NO. : 16903-35-8 Molecular ... [Detail]

Palladium powder

Product name : Palladium powder CAS : 7440-05-3 Molecular Formul... [Detail]

Cobalt(II) iodide

Product name: Cobalt(II) iodide Other names: cobaltous iodide, ... [Detail]

Thallium(I) iodide

Product name: Thallium(I) iodide Other names: Thallium monoiod... [Detail]

Cerium (III) iodide

Product name: Cerium (III) iodide Other names: Cerium iodide... [Detail]

High Purity Boron Powder

Product name: High Purity Boron Powder CAS: 7440-42-8 Mole... [Detail]

Our advantages:

1. We can provide more than 350,000 kinds of products, and have serviced more than 20,000 customers.

2. Quick quotation: We will reply you within one working day after receiving your emails.

3. Discount and Special offers: We always push many kinds of Special offers periodically, and inform you in earliest time.

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