Manganese dioxide

Manganese dioxide

Product name: Manganese dioxide

CAS : 1313-13-9

Molecular Formula: MnO2
Molecular Weight: 86.94g/mol

This product is a black orthorhombic crystal .It will decompose at 535 ℃ . It is insoluble in water, nitric acid or  cold sulfuric acid.It is  soluble in cold hydrochloric acid with  chlorine producing. It is a strong oxidant and can not be heated or rubbed with organic matter or other  reducing agent.It is mainly used as depolarizer for dry batteries which is suitable for light load intermittent discharge.It is used as bleaching agent for the glass industry ; electronics system Mn-Zn ferrite material (steel with manganese alloy), used as oxidant, organic synthesis catalyst , paint and ink drier, gas masks absorbent, matches the accelerant, ceramic, enamel glaze and the removal of iron and other water.

High-quality raw material and great variety of purity
High mechanical strength and stable chemical property;
High chemical activity and good oxidation and catalysis effect.

Manganese Dioxide is mainly used in electrolytic zinc electrolytic lead,ceramics,chemistry industry and Battery industry.It refers to medication(Potassium Permanganate),national defense,electronical,technology,printing and dyeing,photography,ceramics,match,weld,water purification,disenfactor,oxidant,catalyst,agriculture and other industries.

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Packaging: Standard packing:25kg/bag


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