Nano-Sio2 silicon dioxide nanopowder nanoparticles for rubber

Nano-Sio2 silicon dioxide nanopowdernanoparticles for rubber

Product name : Nano-Sio2 silicon dioxide nanopowder/nanoparticles for rubber
CAS No.: 14808-60-7
Description :
As we know, mechanical strength of pure rubber is low. However, the tensile strength of vulcanized rubber can be improved from 0.35MPa to 14MPa and reinforcement rate can be 40 times higher than common rubber when the rubber is mixed with nano-silica to reinforce mechanical strength.It shows our nanometer silicon has a decisive role in the final performance in the use of silicone rubber.

Specification :


White powder

Item no


Average particle size,nm




content %


PH value


Loss on drying (%)950℃x2h


Application :
1. As a reinforcing agent, anti-aging agent, our nano-silica can be used in rubber products to increase strength, toughness, anti-aging, anti-friction of rubber products and prolong life and other functions
2. nano-silica is a effective reinforcing filler of RTV silicone rubber, can significantly improve their strength. The reasons are as follows:
On the one hand, it’s because of the small particles and large surface area of nano-silica.Usually,the smaller the particle size is, the larger the surface area is, the higher the structure is, the better reinforcing effect is, the higher the strength and hardness of vulcanized rubber is.
On the other hand, it’s because surface of nano-silica contains a lot of silicon-based light particles, these particles can form the network structure through hydrogen bonding and van der Waals forces, in the meantime, silica particles will have a strong interaction with polysiloxane molecules to improve the interface condition.

Dosage :
Silicone rubber: 3.0-30%;
Thiokol: 0.1-5%;
Polyurethane: 3.0-25%;
Acrylic 0.5-3.5%

Package :10kg/bag

Storage : Should be stored in dry, sealed environment, and not be exposed to volatile substances


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