Preparation of the Nano Cobalt Powder by Wet Chemical Reduction Method

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Electrochemical backdrop of nano-cobalt crumb produced by actinic abridgement with and after cetyltrimethylammonium and 500 ° C for accessory lithium crumb coated carbon azure has Batteries.Nano assorted applications in acceptable industries and high-tech as the mechanics, electronics, aerospace, metallurgy, chemical, environmental, etc. the based Co crumb with CTAB produced by actinic abridgement has coated with a array of 15 to 20 nm layers of carbon. Comparing the added carbon crumb 20%, the produced crumb comprises by actinic abridgement with CTAB and 500 ° C coated with carbon to a aboriginal college acquittal accommodation (about 1230 mAh g-1) of the crumb able by actinic abridgement after CTAB and carbon with a blanket at 500 ° C (about 902 mAh g-1). 

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  • Our advantages:

    1. Uniform particle size.

    2. invariant Shape.

    3. High purity, reach 99.999999%.

    4. Good dispersion.