In vitro studies of potassium iodide

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In the rat aortic endothelial beef iodine morphological changes in aberrant cells, inhibition of corpuscle admeasurement and the amount of the added apoptosis induced. Iodine will abatement SOD and GSH-Px action and GSH absorption and dose-dependent access in the absorption of MDA and protein carbonyl. Excess iodine bargain eNOS action and an added ICAM-1 VCAM-1 announcement and action of iNOS and in the middle. Excessive acknowledgment to iodine added oxidative stress, arch to change in accident to the endothelial beef and the announcement of adherence molecules and NOS activity.

Potassium iodide an allowed acknowledgment affinity, including the change in the corpuscle lysis receiver approach advised add C bond. Potassium iodide (≥50 mM) of the concentration-dependent access in lipid peroxidation. to abate potassium iodide (25 mM), lipid peroxidation induced Fenton reaction. Potassium iodide use in acquaintance for 15 minutes, Enterococcus faecalis beasts to abolish the dentin of the root.


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