Thermal aerosol blanket method

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Thermal spraying is acclimated in a array of blanket methods including claret spraying, HVOF spraying, atomizing Arc Spraying and the agitation flame. These methods are aswell accepted metal spraying.

The burnable gas is combusted with oxygen to cook a connected breeze wire, rod or powder. Compressed air is concentrated about the flame, Floating spraying the aqueous actual into accomplished all-around particles and the particles at top acceleration on the substrate.

The ammunition oxygen at top acceleration (HVOF) is a adjustment for active aqueous atom surfaces to plan for anniversary coating. The controlled agitation of ammunition (liquid or gas) in an oxygen-rich agitation alcove generates a top temperature agitation gas (temperature up to 6500 ° F). Gas bearing in the agitation alcove rapidly accretion to a gas at actual top acceleration of the agitation process.

Advantages of HVOF coating: abundant bonding strength; top bane resistance; bland and basal porosity; actual harder coatings (HV 1000).



  • Our advantages:

    1. Uniform particle size.

    2. invariant Shape.

    3. High purity, reach 99.999999%.

    4. Good dispersion.