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Cadmium oxide is an inorganic compound of the formula CdO. It is one of the most important precursor for other compounds of cadmium. It crystallizes in a cubic rock salt network, such as sodium chloride, with cations centers and octahedral anions. It occurs in nature as a rare mineral monteponite.Pyrolysis other cadmium compounds such as nitrate or carbonate also provides this oxide. When pure, it is red, but CdO is unusual to make available in many different colors because of its tendency to be structural defects, has made anionic vacancies result.Cadmium is oxidized at room temperature to form CdO. Cadmium steam and vapor formed CdO and hydrogen in a reversible reaction.Cadmium oxide in baths of plating, electrode is used for storage batteries, cadmium salts, catalyst, glazes, phosphorus and nematocide.

Most commercial cadmium plating is electroplating cyanide baths. These cyanide baths are made of cadmium oxide and sodium cyanide in water, which are likely to form sodium cyanide, cadmium and hydroxide.CdO is a basic oxide and is therefore attacked by aqueous acids to give [6 Cd (H2O)] 2+ solutions. Upon treatment with strongly alkaline solutions [Cd (OH)4] 2 forms. A thin layer of cadmium oxide formed on the surface of the cadmium in moist air at ambient temperature. Major cadmium used is a component for electroplating baths and pigments.

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