The prospect of chromium compounds

Submitted by admin on Thu, 12/06/2018 - 09:32

Organic compounds are commonly used to the material in the modern industry, is an important part in industrial production, the chromium oxide is a kind of compound, it is a light green to dark green small six square crystal. When it's hot, it turns brown. Crystal extrahard. Very stable, even in the heat of the hydrogen flow under no change. Potassium bromate solution in heating, slightly soluble in acid and alkali, almost insoluble in water, ethanol and acetone. And irritation.

Chromium oxide is mainly used for smelting metal chromium and chromium carbide. As a special ink enamel, ceramics, leather, building materials, colorants, catalyst, organic chemical synthesis light coating, abrasive materials, green polishing paste and printing paper. Also used in the production of high chrome brick, chrome corundum brick and other refractory materials.

The development prospects of chromium oxide is very good, the chemical industry needs a lot, so for many people chromium compounds is a good investment products.