Metal materials

Nonferrous metal, Rare metals, Rare And Noble Metal, Metal powder.

Nano materials

Nanometer TiO2 Series, Nanometer SiO2 Series,Nanopowder,Graphene.


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Production of tin nanometric powders by hydrogen DC claret arc evaporation.

About us

Gerhold Chemetals Co., Ltd is a German company founded both in Germany and China in 1997.


Yttrium oxide for sale.

Silver nitrate uses.

Gerhold Chemetals Co., Ltd.

  Gerhold Chemetals Co., Ltd is a German company founded both in Germany and China in 1997, focuses on research and development of Metallic powders, Metal Compounds nano powders. We can customize products according to customers’ special requirements.

  Our technologies are from Elektrotechnik University, Aachen University, München University and Beijing University.


 The advantages of our products:

   1. Uniform particle size 
   2. invariant Shape
   3. High purity, reach 99.999999
   4. Good dispersion


  In worldwide market, Gerhold Chemetals has sold products to more than 50 countries. We will keep on developing and enlarging business by our advantages.

Metallurgical coke powder

Submitted by admin on Tue, 06/25/2019 - 01:53

Metallurgical coke powder is the coke from high temperature coking used in blast furnace smelting, casting and gasification. The recovered and purified coke oven gas produced in the coking process is not only the fuel with high calorific value, but also an important industrial raw material for organic synthesis. Metallurgical coke is a general term for blast furnace coke, foundry coke, ferroalloy coke and nonferrous metal metallurgical coke.

Fullerene C60-999

Submitted by admin on Tue, 06/25/2019 - 01:32

Fullerene C60-999 is an allotrope of carbon. Fullerene is the third allotrope of carbon discovered after graphite and diamond. Any substance consisting of an element called carbon in a spherical, elliptical, or tubular form may be called a fullerene.Fullerene C60-999,Fullerene

Tin powder

Submitted by admin on Mon, 06/24/2019 - 01:27

Tin powder for green powder, the melting temperature of 231.88 ℃. The boiling point of 2270 ℃. Relative density 7.28. It is used as high purity reagent for electronic industry. Mainly used in the manufacture of solder paste, carbon products, friction materials, oil bearing and powder metallurgy structural materials.Tin powder,Tin

stainless steel powder

Submitted by admin on Mon, 06/24/2019 - 01:24

Metallic stainless steel powder made of stainless steel alloy. The particles were regular spheres with a density of 7.9g/cm3 and average particle size <33 m. With good corrosion resistance and durability, the ball particles can be positioned on the surface of the film in parallel and distributed throughout the film, forming a shielding layer with excellent hiding power to block the moisture. Can also be used for sandblasting machine to process some of the higher accuracy of the workpiece.

%10 platinum on activated carbon

Submitted by admin on Fri, 06/21/2019 - 01:58

Platinum carbon catalyst belongs to noble metal catalyst with black powder appearance and molecular weight of 195.08. Platinum carbon catalyst is a kind of carrier catalyst which supports platinum onto activated carbon. Can be used in pharmaceutical, electronic and other fields, the application is more extensive.

what is titanium

Submitted by admin on Thu, 06/20/2019 - 01:11

Titanium is best known for its corrosion resistance, which is almost as good as platinum. Titanium is not corroded by dilute sulfuric acid, dilute hydrochloric acid, chlorine gas, chlorine solution and most organic acids, but it can still be dissolved by concentrated acid.

what is Inconel 718

Submitted by admin on Wed, 06/19/2019 - 01:53

Inconel 718 is a precipitation hardening nickel-chromium-iron alloy containing niobium and molybdenum. It has high strength, good toughness and corrosion resistance in high and low temperature environment at 700 ~C. The state of supply may be solid solution treatment or precipitation hardening. Inconel 718 Alloy,Inconel 718,nickel-chromium-iron alloy

what is Osmium powder

Submitted by admin on Wed, 06/19/2019 - 01:48

Osmium, 6 cycles Ⅷ group element periodic table, a member of platinum group metals. Element symbol Os, atomic number 76, relative atomic mass 190.2, belongs to heavy platinum group metal, which is the densest metal known at present.