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Production of tin nanometric powders by hydrogen DC claret arc evaporation.

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Gerhold Chemetals Co., Ltd is a German company founded both in Germany and China in 1997.


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Gerhold Chemetals Co., Ltd.

  Gerhold Chemetals Co., Ltd is a German company founded both in Germany and China in 1997, focuses on research and development of Metallic powders, Metal Compounds nano powders. We can customize products according to customers’ special requirements.

  Our technologies are from Elektrotechnik University, Aachen University, München University and Beijing University.


 The advantages of our products:

   1. Uniform particle size 
   2. invariant Shape
   3. High purity, reach 99.999999
   4. Good dispersion


  In worldwide market, Gerhold Chemetals has sold products to more than 50 countries. We will keep on developing and enlarging business by our advantages.

The color of ferric nitrate solution?

Submitted by admin on Thu, 12/13/2018 - 07:25

Iron nitrate is  colorless or lavender monoclinic crystal,
True Fe3+ ions and hexahydrate Fe3+ ions are lavender.
However, due to the usual pH conditions, hydrated Fe3+ ions are easily hydrolyzed.

Partially hydrolyzed products such as Fe(OH)2+ and other hydroxylates and oxyhydroxides, OH- and O2- as ligands, their coordination field effect is very strong.

The 3d energy level of Fe3+ is changed to yellow and yellowish brown, which also makes the solution yellow.

Where to buy nickel aminosulfonate

Submitted by admin on Wed, 12/12/2018 - 09:10


Nickel aminosulfonate is an excellent main salt for electroplating. Due to its low internal stress, fast plating speed, high solubility and no pollution, it has become a major electroplating main salt in the world. Has been widely used in electronics, automotive, aerospace, weapons, coinage, metallurgy, nickel mesh, radio, color aluminum alloy and other industries.

Buy Mercurochrome

Submitted by admin on Wed, 12/12/2018 - 08:33

The best-known use of Merbromin is as a topical antiseptic to treat minor wounds, burns, and scratches. It is also used in the antisepsis of the umbilical cord] and the antisepsis of wound of difficult scar formation, like neuropathic ulcers, and diabetic foot sores.

Merbromin is topical disinfectant for pharmaceutical and chemical products raw materials. 

Use of zinc chloride

Submitted by admin on Mon, 12/10/2018 - 09:43

Zinc chloride is one of the important products in the inorganic salt industry, and its application range is extremely wide. Zinc chloride is easily soluble in water and is the most soluble in solid salts (25 ° C, 432 g / 100 g) due to its solubility in water to form the acid H [ZnCl 2 (OH)]. Soluble in methanol, ethanol, glycerin, acetone, ether, insoluble in liquid ammonia. It is highly deliquescent and can absorb moisture from the air and deliquesce.

Need to pay attention of Niobium(V) oxide

Submitted by admin on Mon, 12/10/2018 - 09:28

Niobium (V) oxide is used as a single crystal of nickel ruthenate, special optical glass, high frequency and low frequency capacitors and piezoelectric ceramic components. It is also used in the production of various niobium alloys for niobium and special steels. It is a raw material for the preparation of hydrazine and its compounds. Also used as a catalyst, refractory material.

How about kaolin?

Submitted by News on Mon, 12/10/2018 - 07:37

kaolin is a clay mineral, part of the group of industrial minerals, with the chemical composition Al2Si2O5(OH)4. It is a layered silicate mineral, with one tetrahedral sheet of silica (SiO4) linked through oxygen atoms to one octahedral sheet of alumina (AlO6) octahedra.Rocks that are rich in Kaoline are known as kaolin or china clay.

Uses of Antimonous oxide

Submitted by News on Mon, 12/10/2018 - 07:31

Antimonous oxide is a actinic admixture of antimony and oxygen. It consistently occurs in hydrated form, Sb2O5·nH2O.[citation needed] It contains antimony in the +5 blaze state.

The hydrated oxide is able by hydrolysis of antimony pentachloride; or by acidification of potassium hexahydroxoantimonate(V). It may aswell be able by blaze of Antimonous oxide with nitric acid.