Fullerene C60-999


Fullerene C60-999 are hollow molecules composed entirely of carbon and are spherical, ellipsoidal, cylindrical or tubular in shape. Fullerenes are structurally similar to graphite. Graphite is a stack of graphene layers composed of six-membered rings, while fullerenes contain not only six-membered rings but also five-membered rings, and occasionally seven-membered rings.

As a prominent representative of the fullerene family, the C60 molecule is a spherical 32-faced body formed by connecting 60 carbon atoms with 20 six-membered rings and 12 five-membered rings. It is very close to the structure of football, and its unique structure and singular properties. Concerned by scientists from various countries.

Fullerenes are poorly soluble in most solvents and are usually dissolved in an aromatic solvent such as toluene, chlorobenzene, or a non-aromatic solvent, carbon disulfide. The solution of pure fullerene is usually purple, and the concentration is purple.

So far, C60's unique molecular structure and physicochemical properties have made fullerenes show attractive applications in many fields such as optoelectronics, mechanics, superconductivity, biomedicine, and catalysis. Fullerenes have become a class of preparations. New carbon nanomaterials of concern.


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