Petroleum Coke

Petroleum Coke

Product name: Petroleum Coke

Fixed carbon 82%min
Sulphur 0.5%max
Ash 4%max
Moisture Content: 8%max

Description: Petroleum coke is a product obtained by separating crude oil from heavy oil by distillation and then thermally cracking the heavy oil. From the appearance, coke is a black block (or granule) of irregular shape and size. ), there is metallic luster, coke particles have a porous structure, the main elemental composition is carbon, accounting for 80% by weight (WT is the English abbreviation for Weight is the weight percentage.

Characteristic: Petroleum coke remaining hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, sulfur and metals. Petroleum coke has its own physical, chemical and mechanical properties. It is itself a non-volatile carbon in the heating part. Volatile matter and mineral impurities (sulfur, metal compounds, water, ash, etc.) determine the chemical properties of coke.

Application: Petroleum coke is used in the metallurgical, chemical and other industries as an electrode or as a raw material for the production of chemical products. Used in the production of graphite, smelting and chemical industries, manufacturing calcium carbide, silicon carbide, aluminum smelting, manufacturing graphite, making carbon products, needle-shaped coke in the steel industry is an important material for the development of new technology for electric steelmaking.

Shipping: 5-7days after place order.

Packaging: 25kg/50kg a bag ,or according your requirement.


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