Sillicon Carbide

Sillicon Carbide

Product name: Sillicon Carbide

Sic- 90% MIN
Free C- 2-5% 
SiO2 - 3%max.
Fe2O3- 3%max
Size: 0-10MM 90%MIN 

Danger Grade: General Cargo

Properties: Silicon carbon is a new kind of reinforced steel-making deoxidizing agent and ideal thermal insulating is used for deoxidizing. The usage dose is 1-4kg/t can make electricity consumption to reduce 15-20kw/h and time to reduce 15-20min per furnace to raise productivity rate to 8-10%.

(1) Large melting furnace, longer melting time, lead to more crystallization, bigger crystals, higher purity and less impurities.
(2) Good hardness, longer life.
(3) Chemical washed and water washed good cleanness.
(4) Special treated products get higher purity, better toughness, and better grinding effect.

1. Silicon carbon can be used as metallurgical deoxidizer and high temperature resistant materials in smelting.
2. It can also be used as abrasive materials,which can be used to make abrasive tools,such as grinding wheels, oilstones, grinding head and so on.

Shipping: Within 7 days after the receipt of your deposit.

Packaging:  In 1MT big bags


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