FeSiAl alloy powder

FeSiAl,iron alloy,FeSiAl alloy

FeSiAl alloy powder is specifically a magnetic material that has a small coercive force and is easily magnetized and demagnetized. The so-called soft means that these materials are easily magnetized and appear "soft" in magnetic properties. Soft magnetic materials are used in a wide variety of applications. 

Because they are easy to magnetize and demagnetize, and have a high magnetic permeability, they can play a good role in gathering magnetic lines of force. Therefore, soft magnetic materials are widely used as a path for magnetic lines, that is, as magnetic conductive materials, such as transformers and sensors. The core, the magnetic shield, the yoke of the special magnetic circuit, etc..

The standard composition of the silicon-aluminum-iron powder alloy is: AL 5.4%; Si 9.6%; the balance is iron. The alloy composition control range for producing silicon aluminum iron powder magnetic powder core is: AL5.2-5.6%; Si9.2-9.8%; the rest is iron. The low-temperature (below 1 kHz) FeSiAl alloy powder powder iron powder core has an effective magnetic permeability of up to μе147.


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