High purity Germanium Dioxide

High purity Germanium Dioxide

Product name: High purity Germanium Dioxide

Product usage:for production of reduced Germanium Ingots, Zone-refined Germanium Ingots, Organic Germanium(Ge-132), PET catalyst , Germanium Tetrachloride, BGO crystals and other chemical compound crystals.

Germanium Dioxide Quality standard :GB/T11069-1989
Qualification :National P.W.E export product(Pass without examination)

Product Description


High-purity Germanium Dioxide  (High-purity GeO2)




white tasteless powder with no volatility

GeO2 content:99.999% Min.

<0.05% Chlorine content:0.05% Max.


Packed in polythene bottles of 1kg,2.5kgs,5kgs each.


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