Solar battery Germanium Monocrystal

Solar battery Germanium Monocrystal

Product name: Solar battery Germanium Monocrystal

Product specifications:High efficiency solar battery Germanium monocrystal &Wafer.We create tSolar battery Germanium monocrystal he first 4'VGF monocrystal furnace of China. We can offer 300 thousands pieces 3-4' p-type Ge substrate monocrystal dislocation density <1* 103/cm2.  
4' Ge substrate specifications
Diameter(mm):00+- 0.2
Growth Method :VGF or CZ
Conduction Type:N or P
Thickness ( m):175 +- 20
Primary Flat Orientation:[100] +0.5degree  
Primary Flat Length(mm): 32.5+-2.5
Dopant Concentration(cm-3): (1-30) 1017
Front Side Surface: polished
Back Side Surface:etched
EPD (cm-2):<=1000
TTV ( ): <10
TIR ( ): <10
Warp( ): <=20
Light Point Defects(1/wafer):  <=10.(<= 0.3μm)
Wafer Surface: Epi-ready


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