Zone-refined Germanium Ingot

Zone-refined Germanium Ingot

Product name: Zone-refined Germanium Ingot

Product usage:Used widely in semi-conductors and detectors, infrared optical industry and in growing Germanium Monocrystalline, producing Germanium alloy and other Germanium products.

We can supply high quality Zone-refined Germanium Ingot (Germanium Metal).
The product has passed the ISO9001:2000 certification

Product Description


Zone-refined Germanium Ingot  (Germanium Metal)

Molecular formula


Properties & Specification

silver grey brittle metals in  trapezium-like bars

Purity ≥99.999%

Resistivity ≥ 50 Ω·cm  (20 ± 0.5centigrade )


Packed in carton of 17kg net each with inner plastic covering and foamed plastics as pads


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