Graphene nanosheets

Graphene nanosheets

Product Name:Graphene nanosheets
Appearance: dark gray
Main components: carbon,> 99.5%
Density :0.05-1 .0 mg / ml
Moisture and impurities: <0.5%
Size :0.5-20um
Thickness :5-25nm
Surface area: about 50 g/m2
Conductivity :8000-10000S / m
Surface heat conductivity: about 1000 W / m.k
Conductive rubber, conductive plastic, antistatic plastic: from the graphene sheet of the prepared micro-conductivity percolation threshold of conductive plastic is far below the normal conductive filler, to overcome the deficiencies of ordinary graphite packing, the plastic conductive, antistatic materials are Broad application prospects.
Thermal plastic, thermal conductivity polymer composites, thermal interface materials, thermal materials: nano-graphene sheet itself has a very high thermal conductivity of composite materials can be used as an additive to significantly improve the thermal conductivity of substrate material, the thermal functional materials A wide range of applications.


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