Graphene oxide paper

Graphene oxide paper

Product name :Graphene oxide paper
Category:graphene paper
Graphene Oxide Film (Paper) : Φ 25mm, thick: 1~20µm
Graphene paper is a synthetic material based on graphite raw materials. It is not only light weight, high strength and hardness, it has better flexibility than steel, and it is also an environmentally friendly material. Due to its unique electrical properties, mechanical properties, thermal properties, optical properties and high specific surface area, graphene has received great attention in the fields of chemistry, physics, materials, energy, and environment in recent years. It has broad application prospects and is recognized as the 21st century. "Future materials" and "revolutionary materials." The application of graphene oxide paper is specific to five application areas:

One is the energy storage field - graphene oxide paper battery. Graphene can be used to manufacture supercapacitors, super lithium batteries, and the like.

The second is the field of optoelectronic devices - graphene oxide paper sensor. Graphene can be used in the manufacture of solar cells, transistors, computer chips, touch screens, electronic paper, and the like.

The third is the field of materials. Graphene can be used as a new additive for the manufacture of new coatings and for the manufacture of antistatic materials.

The fourth is the biomedical field - graphene oxide paper antibacterial activity. Graphene has good barrier properties and biocompatibility, and can be used for drug carrier, biological diagnosis, fluorescence imaging, biological monitoring and the like.

The fifth is the field of heat dissipation. Graphene heat-dissipating films can be widely used in ultra-thin and high-power electronic products, such as the current globally popular smartphones, IPAD computers, semiconductor lighting and LCD TVs.


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