Hydroxylated grapheme

graphite,Hydroxylated graphene

Hydroxylated graphene is an important functionalized graphene and plays an important role in covalently bonded functional graphene. First of all, it is a basic functionalized product, on which subsequent functionalized graphene can be carried out.

Generally, graphite and alkali metal hydroxide solids are continuously ball milled in a high-energy ball mill for more than 10 hours, and the unreacted alkali metal is washed away to neutral to obtain a homogeneous hydroxylated graphene solution; or graphene can be used for alkali metal hydroxide. Under the condition of the material, the hydrothermal process is prepared; the low-frequency high-voltage pulse current is also applied to the graphene dispersed in the water to obtain a water-soluble graphene containing only hydroxyl groups, and the hydroxylated modified graphene structure can be confirmed by infrared spectroscopy.

Hydroxylated graphene high-efficiency new heat exchange medium nanofluid media has broad application prospects, can significantly improve heat transfer performance, and greatly improve heat transfer efficiency.

Hydroxylated graphene has strong reactivity and is an important way to further functionalize graphene. Hydroxylated graphene has a large affinity for polar molecules such as water. -OH is neutral in aqueous solution, has good biocompatibility, non-covalent interaction with nucleic acid, can enter cells, and can be used as plasmid transfection. 

Graphene is a new material of monoatomic lamellar structure composed of carbon atoms. It has excellent light transmittance and thermal conductivity and is the thinnest, hardest and least resistive material known.


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