Use of %10 platinum on activated carbon

Platinum carbon catalyst price

The platinum carbon catalyst is a supported catalyst for supporting platinum on activated carbon, and is the most commonly used one of precious metal catalysts.

The main characteristics of platinum carbon  catalyst are high selectivity, high activity, long life, and can be recycled more than dozens of times in the same system. The amount of platinum carbon catalyst is less than 10% of Raney nickel, and the reaction can be carried out at low temperature, low pressure or even at room temperature and atmospheric pressure. It can be recycled, purified and reprocessed.

The platinum carbon catalyst can be used in the fields of pharmaceuticals, electronics, etc., and is widely used:

1. alkaline synthesis reaction, aromatic ring hydrogenation reaction, hydrogen peroxide decomposition, gas purification.

2. For the chemical reaction of hydrogen and oxygen, purifying hydrogen from oxygen, argon, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, air, helium.

3. For the compounding reaction of oxygen and carbon tetrachloride, purifying oxygen from nitrogen.

4. For the compounding reaction of a hydrocarbon compound with oxygen, purifying a hydrocarbon compound from oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, air, helium, argon.

5. For the chemical reaction of carbon monoxide and oxygen, purify carbon monoxide from carbon dioxide, nitrogen and air.


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