Nb2O5 Powder

bismuth pentoxide,Nb2O5,High purity bismuth pentoxide

High purity bismuth pentoxide (Nb2O5) is a white powder. It turns yellow when heated and turns white when it cools. The temperature of 1460 ° C. If it is doped with impurities (such as magnesium oxide, lead oxide, etc.), it will change color after sintering at high temperature.

Bismuth pentoxide is used as a single crystal of nickel ruthenate, special optical glass, high frequency and low frequency capacitors and piezoelectric ceramic components. It is also used in the production of various niobium alloys for niobium and special steels. It is a raw material for the preparation of hydrazine and its compounds. Also used as a catalyst, refractory material.

The high purity bismuth pentoxide are packed in double-layer polyethylene plastic bottles, each with a net weight of 5kg and tightly sealed. The back jacket polyethylene plastic bag is placed in a hard box and filled with paper dust to prevent swaying. The net weight of each box is 20kg. The industrial products are double-layer polyethylene plastic bags and outer jackets with a net weight of 40kg per drum.

High purity bismuth pentoxide Store in a ventilated, dry place. Do not stack in the open air. The package should be sealed. Protect from rain and packaging when transporting. In case of fire, use water, sand and fire extinguishers to save.

The high purity bismuth pentoxide Toxicity and protection: Occupational poisoning has not been documented. Workers who use iridium complexes have a relatively high incidence of upper respiratory tract, which may be related to the effects of separated hydrogen fluoride and fluorocyanate. The maximum allowable concentration of cerium and its oxide is 10 mg/m3; the fluorine-containing compound is usually calculated as fluorine, i.e., 1 mg/m 3 . To work in an environment with a high dust content, wear a respirator and pay attention to ventilation and dust removal.


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