Atomized Magnesium alloy powder

Atomized Magnesium alloy powder

Product Name: Atomized Magnesium alloy powder

Product Description: 
The density of Magnesium alloy is below 2g/cm3,and it is the lightest alloy material with a higher specific tenacity than aluminum alloy and steel;the alloy powder is easy to process with a low cost which is 70% compared with aluminum alloy-processing. The alloy has a much higher anti-corrosion quality than low-carbon steel and has surpassed the compression casting aluminum alloy A380; also the alloy has a better quality to reduce Inspires and shield Magnetic than aluminum alloy, so the high-quality magnesium alloy can be widely used in the fields of airplain, car, computer, communication and so on.

But compared with the aluminum alloy, the R&D of magnesium-alloy is a little slow and the usage of the magnesium-alloy is limited. At present, the output of the magnesium-alloy is only 1% of the aluminum alloy. The biggest usage of magnesium-alloy(90%) is to be made of die casting parts. While, the magnesium-alloy is taking step into some new fields like:
1) heat-resistent magnesium-alloy 
2)corrosion-resistent magnesium-alloy 
3) Flame Retardant magnesium-alloy 
4) High Strength and High Toughness magnesium-alloy 
5)deformation magnesium-alloy.

Magnesium-alloy can be divided into Die casting magnesium-alloy and Deformation magnesium-alloy. According to the different alloy content, there are Mg-Al-Zn-Mn system(AZ),Mg-Al-Mn system(AM)and Mg-Al-Si-Mn system(AS),Mg-Al-RE system(AE),Mg-Zn-Zr system(ZK),Mg-Zn-RE system(ZE)and so on.

The processing ways of magnesium-alloy are Die casting and Deformation. At present, Die casting is the most popular way. The new Die casting ways in recent years are vaccum die casting and oxygenating die casting. By using vaccum die casting, some parts like magnesium alloy wheel hub and steering wheel have been made; by using the oxygenating die casting, some parts used in the car production is also be produced. In recent years, America, Japan and Canada foucus more attention on the magnesium alloy semi-solid Thixo-Molding forming technology. Compared with the traditional die-casting, the Thixo-Molding do not need melting,casting and gas protection, so it is a cleaner,safer and energy-saving way.but the choice of the semi-solid Thixo-Molding forming technology is little, and at present there is only AZ91D alloy,so it need a further step and development.

According to the different production ways, there are two ways: ground magnesium alloy powder and atomized magenesium powder. The ground magnesium alloy powder has some disadvantages like unregular figure, high content of nitrogen and oxygen, small bulk density and low fluidity. And the high content of nitrogen and oxygen caused the high brittleness of the alloy, which is not good for the application. Regarding to this point, our company firstly push out the atomized magenesium powder in June 2007. And the main specification we can supply is AZ91D and ZK61. AZ91D is superior for its tensile strength, tensile yield strength,and corrosion-resistence; ZK61 is good for its high strength.

Under the inert gas protection,the aomized Mg alloy powder has a high purity with low content of oxygen element,nitrogen element and other impurities.The particle size of the powder is very small,and also has spherical figure and good fluidity, which is good for a further processing. Our company can produce the Magnesium alloy powder with the partcle size range from 50-500Mesh,and we can also produce other specifications according to the requirements of customers.


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