Glass pottery praseodymium oxide

Glass pottery praseodymium oxide

Product name: Glass pottery praseodymium oxide

CAS: 12036-05-4

Black powder
Molecular formula: Pr6O11
Molecular weight: 172.13

The density is 6.88g/cm3,melting point is 2042℃.
Uses: For various types of electronic components, petroleum cracking catalysts, catalyst activity, selectivity and stability, in addition to optical fields.

Used in building ceramics and ceramics for daily use.
Widely used in all kinds of electronic device and the motor;Used in oil catalytic cracking.In the form of richment neodymium praseodymium in Y type zeolite molecular sieve preparation of oil cracking catalyst, can improve the catalyst activity, selectivity and stability;Used for abrasive polishing.Also used for the field of optical fiber, etc.

Shipping: Within 15 days or in two weeks after payment.

Packaging: Double-layer film for packaging products in sealed bags, into the drum, net weight 50 kg. Or according to user requirements.


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