Industrial Yttrium oxide

Industrial Yttrium oxide

Product name: Industrial Yttrium oxide

CAS: 11130-29-3

White powder
Molecular formula: Y2O3
Molecular weight: 113.16
Grade: Industrial Grade

Property: The density is 5.01g/cm3,melting point is 2410℃.
Uses: For steel and nonferrous alloy additives.

Application: Yttrium Oxide, also called Yttria, high purity Yttrium Oxides are the most important materials for tri-bands Rare Earth phosphors which give the red colour in colour television & computer tubes. In optical industry, the Yttrium Oxide is used to produce Yttrium-Iron-Garnets, which are very effective microwave filters. Low purity of Yttrium Oxide are widely applied in electronic ceramics. It is widely used to make Eu:YVO4 and Eu:Y2O3 phosphors that give the red color in color TV picture tubes. Yttrium Oxide is also used to make Yttrium-Iron-Garnets, which are very effective microwave filters.

Shipping: Shipped in 15 days after payment

Packaging: 500g/bottles, and 10kg per carton, or 25kg/drums


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