Amorphous boron powder

Amorphous boron powder

Product Name: Amorphous boron powder, submicron APS

Molecular formula: B, 
CAS No.: 7440-42-8, 
Specific gravity: 2.35 g/cm3, 
Melting point: 2,160 ° C,
Boiling point: 2,550 ° C (sublimation).

Amorphous boron powder is odorless and odorless brown or dark brown powder, chemically active, stable in air at room temperature, heated to 300 ° C is oxidized, reached 700 ° C that is on fire.

Product specifications

Amorphous boron powder product specifications

   * Pyrotechnic additives
   * Preparation of other boride raw materials
   * Oxygen free copper smelting deoxidizer
   * Welding aid
   * As an alloy component in special metal products
   * Solid rocket propellant
   * Car airbag initiator
   * Coating and hardener
   * Magnesia carbon brick additive for steelmaking high temperature furnace
   * Components in high-tech ceramics
   * Other applications requiring high purity boron

 0.5 kg / aluminum plastic bag (vacuum), 10, 12.5 or 15 kg per barrel.




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