Antimonous oxide

Antimonous oxide

Product name: Antimonous oxide

CAS No.: 1309-64-4

1 .Antimonous Oxide Sb2O3 
2. Pure and white dispersed superfine powder 
3. flame retardant 
4. Purity: 99.9, 99.8, 99.5...

Technical standard: GB/T 4062-1998

Antimony trioxide is the application of the first flame retardant for epoxy, polyurethane, neoprene, polystyrene, PVC, polyester, etc., when used alone amount to a large, flame-retardant effect of difference (unless Halogen-containing flame-retardant material), when combined with halogen compounds (R. HX), and by the time you have a good synergistic effect, significantly improved flame retardant.

Properties: Melting point is 656°c, Boiling point is 1550°c ,Relative density: 5.67, soluble in HCL, Potassium hydroxide, Sodium sulfide , tartaric acid, Concentrated sulfuric acid, concentrated nitric acid; insoluble in water, alcohol and dilute sulfuric acid. White or gray orthorhombic or axis crystalline powder.

Application: Used for the flame retardants of variety of resins, synthetic rubber, canvas, paper, paint and other and the catalyst synthetic fiber. Used for making Mordant, is the raw material of synthesis of antimony salt. Used as additives to increase the opacity and surface gloss of the enamel in enamel industry. Used as a bleaching agent instead of arsenious acid in glass industry. Medicine, metallurgy, etc.

Scope of application:  Enamel, paint, paint, ceramics, metallurgy, chemical industry, etc.

Shipping: within 7 days

Packaging: 25kg/bag


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