Cobalt powder


Cobalt powder is also known as fine cobalt powder and ultrafine cobalt powder. It is an irregular gray powder, soluble in acid, magnetic, and easily oxidized in humid air.

Cobalt powder is widely used in the aerospace, aerospace, electrical, mechanical, chemical and ceramic industries.

Cobalt-based alloys or cobalt-containing alloy steels are used as vane blades, impellers, ducts, jet engines, rocket engines, components of missiles, and various high-load heat-resistant components in chemical equipment and important metal materials for the atomic energy industry.

Cobalt as a binder in powder metallurgy can ensure a certain toughness of cemented carbide. Magnetic alloys are indispensable materials in the modern electronics and electromechanical industries for the manufacture of various components of acoustic, optical, electrical and magnetic equipment.

Cobalt is also an important part of permanent magnetic alloys. In the chemical industry, in addition to high alloys and anticorrosive alloys, cobalt is also used in colored glass, pigments, ruthenium and catalysts, desiccants and the like.

With the rapid development of industry and technology, the requirements for the quality of cobalt powder in various industries are getting higher and higher. The morphology, particle size and purity of the cobalt powder directly affect the quality of the subsequent products.


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