Fine zirconium metal powder

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Fine zirconium metal powder is a chemical element, the chemical symbol is Zr, the atomic number is 40, is a light gray lustrous metal or gray amorphous powder. White light produces zirconia during combustion.

Zirconium metal powder has certain dangerous characteristics. It is easy to burn under the condition of fine powder, sometimes it can spontaneously ignite and explode. Zirconium powder can also be burned in carbon dioxide and nitrogen. Powder may cause combustion and explosion when heated, exposed to open fire or in contact with oxidants.

Zirconium metal powder is mainly used to make control rods of atomic reactor, and also used as degasser and additive of cemented carbide.

When the leakage of zirconium powder occurs, the leakage contaminated area should be isolated and access restricted. Cut off the fire. It is suggested that emergency personnel wear self-contained breathing apparatus and fire protection clothing. Small leakage: Use sparkless tools to collect in dry, clean, covered containers. Transfer recovery. Large leakage: Cover with plastic cloth and canvas to reduce dispersion. Use spark-free tools to collect, transfer and recycle.


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