Stannic Oxide

Stannic Oxide

Products Name: Stannic Oxide, SnO2

CAS No.:  18282-10-5
Molecular Formula: SnO2
Appearance: white to light gray powder

Chemical Compositions:
SnO2 ,%,≥96
heavy metal(as lead and stannic),%,≤0.5
acid dissolvable impurity ,%,≤0.1
causis weightlessness,%,≤0.5
sulfate,%,≤ no turbid after examination

Stannic Oxide exists in the form of cassiterite in nature. The cassiterite is reddish-brown, in the form of particles or lumps, and is mostly dispersed in the granite. It is the main ore for refining tin. Stannic Oxide is stable to air and heat, insoluble in water, and hardly soluble in acid or alkali solution, but soluble in hot concentrated sulfuric acid and molten caustic and potassium hydroxide, and slightly soluble in alkali metal carbonate solution. It is mixed with concentrated HCl and slowly becomes chloride to dissolve. It is reduced to metallic tin by the action of hydrogen at high temperature. Reacts with CO to obtain metallic tin and CO2, and the reaction is reversible. 

Method: burning in the air by tin, or by tetravalent soluble tin salt and alkali, or by metal tin and concentrated HNO3 to form β-stannic acid precipitation, and then heated, dehydrated to obtain Stannic Oxide

Use:  Stannic Oxide is commonly used in enamel and electromagnetic materials, and is used in the manufacture of opal glass, tin salts, porcelain colorants, fabric mordants and weighting agents, polishing agents for steel and glass, etc.

Stannic Oxide electrodes are widely used in the smelting of high-grade optical glass and in the electrolytic aluminum industry. The Stannic Oxide level is especially suitable for the melting of flint-type glass, flint, enamel, and heavy bismuth glass, and does not cause pollution to the glass.

Packing: In sealed iron drums 50kg net.



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