Tin Tetrachloride

Tin Tetrachloride

Product Name: Tin Tetrachloride
CAS No.: 7646-78-8
Molecular weight: 260.52
Boiling point: 114ºC
Appearance: colourless liquid
Chemical formula: Cl4Sn; SnCl4
Purity: 99%min

1. Tin Tetrachloride is an intermediate for the synthesis of acaric tricyclic tin, butylstannin and three azole tin.

2. Raw materials for synthesizing organotin compounds, mordants for dyeing, blue sun-drying paper and photosensitive paper, lubricant additives, glass surface treatment to form conductive coatings and improve wear resistance. It is used as cationic polymerization catalyst for isobutene and alpha methylstyrene.

3. used as analytical reagent and mordant, and also for organic synthesis.

4. for the manufacture of organotin compounds, used as analytical reagent and organic synthesis dehydrant. It is also used in electroplating industry.

5. separation of potassium from rubidium and cesium. Organic analysis is used for saponification of phenols and ethers. Organic synthesis dehydrant. Manufacture of organotin. Fabric dyeing.


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