Nano silicon dioxide(sio2) nanopowder nanoparticles dispersion liquid solution

Nano silicon dioxide(sio2) nanopowdernanoparticles dispersionliquidsolution

Product name:Nano silicon dioxide(sio2) nanopowder/nanoparticles dispersion/liquid/solution

CAS No.: 14808-60-7

Property :
Single dispersing nanometer particles exit in products.
extra small size ;big specific surface area; tunneleffect.
Good suspension property and thixotropy.
Nice adhesive force, hot stability and forming gel property.

Specification :



Content of Nano-silicon

≥ 99.5%




150-250 m2/g




White powder

Use :
Paint: good anti-agglomerating, anti-aging,re-attrite capabilities. used as an emulsifiers, extinction, suspension stabilizer, thickeners. Improve paint’s anti-pollute, auto-cleaning and re-attrite capability greatly.
Bond and sealant: thicken, control flowing, enhance conglutinant intensity, improve the hot stability as well.
Cotton industry: improve the adhesive meter; drying time will be shortened.
Polishing liquid: solve the problems of surface roughness and corrugation.

Dosage : 2-8%.But some special product may add more than 20%, you should adjust the additive percent according to your system.

Pacakge : 20 kg/plastic drum


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