Nanometer SiO2

Nanometer SiO2

Product name:Nanometer SiO2

CAS No.:14808-60-7

Synonyms: Nanometer silica

Molecular Formula:SiO2

Molecular Weight:60.08

Chemical structure:O==SI==O

1. Rubber: Nm-SiO2 can be used in re-attrite rubber for it can improve the functions of rubber such as intensity, tenacity, anti-aging, re-attrite and so on. It also can be used in transparent pastern of sole.
2. Plastic: Nm-SiO2 can improved the intensity, tenacity and anti-aging capabilities of plastic. Adding nm-SiO2 into organic glass (PMMA) can improve PMMA's intensity, impactive tenacity, attrited resistance, transparence, anti-ultraviolet and anti-aging capabilities.
3. Other industries It can be also used in electronic encapsulation, polymer of macromolecule, paint, adhesive, functional fiber, cosmetics and many more applications


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