Nano-Tio2 titanium dioxide nanopowder nanoparticles

Nano-Tio2 titanium dioxide nanopowdernanoparticles

Nano-Tio2 titanium dioxide nanopowder nanoparticles

Product name


Nano titanium dioxide



Molecular Formula




White powder

Titanium dioxide nanopowders application:

1. Titanium dioxide is nontoxic, with strong photocatalytic and excellent transparency, as a new material has been widely applied coatings, indoor air purification products; 

2. Anatase titanium dioxide has good photocatalytic effect, widely used photocatalyst and air purification products. 

3. Anatase titanium dioxide due to the large specific surface area, has been widely used in photocatalysis, solar cells, environmental purification, catalyst supports, lithium batteries, and gas sensors. 

4. The product can be used in various military fields


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