Nano-Tio2 titanium dioxide nanopowder nanoparticles (for battery)

Nano-Tio2 titanium dioxide nanopowdernanoparticles (for battery)

Anatase nano titanium dioxide can be widely used on photocatalytic, solar battery, Environment Purification, catalyst carrier, lithium battery and gas sensors because of its big surface area and small particle size.
The product has excellent property of charging-discharging power quickly and higher capacity.By CV study, there are two kinetics processes of lithium-ion exsiting in nano titanium dioxide,one is insertion-disinsertion of lithium ions,the other is electrode capacitance.


Product name : 


Nano-Tio2 titanium dioxide 



Molecular Formula:




White powder

Content of nano titanium dioxide,%


PH value


Loss on dry %(105,2hr):


Application :
1 Nano-titanium dioxide has lots of properties, such as high rate performance, cyclical stability, fast charge-discharge property, high capacity,good lithium insertion/extraction properties and so on. So nano TiO2 has a good prospect of application in lithium battery .
A. Effectively reduce the capacity fading of lithium batteries, increase the stability and improve the electrochemical performance of lithium batteries well.
B. Greatly increase the initial discharge specific capacity of battery material.
C. Reduce polarization during the process of LiCoO2 charging and discharging, so that LiCoO2 has higher discharge voltage and more stable discharge effect.
D. Adding adequate nano titanium dioxide which is loose to lithium battery can reduce the stress of particles and the strain of structure and volume caused by cycle.So nano TiO2 can greatly improve the stability of battery.
2 In solar cells, nano-titanium dioxide has high photo-electro transition rate, simple technology, and steady capability. It can greatly improve the momentum imbalance of solar. Its stability of photoelectricity is over 10%. Solar cells adding nano TiO2 is cheaper than the silicon solar cells.The life-span can reach more than 20 years.
3 In nickel-cadmium batteries, nano-titanium dioxide has good conductivity.It can work well in a wide temperature range.

Dosage : 0.5-2%, or according to the actual situation of customers.

Package : 15 kgs/drum


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