Nano-Tio2 titanium dioxide nanopowder nanoparticles dispersion used for textile coating

Nano-Tio2 titanium dioxide nanopowdernanoparticles dispersion used for textile coating

Product name : Nano-Tio2 titanium dioxide nanopowder/nanoparticles dispersion used for textile coating

Our company adopts international advanced dispersion crafts to disperse 5-30nm nano titanium dioxide powder in water,forming highly dispersed,stabled and uniform nano titanium dioxide slurry.The slurry is activer and easier to add than powder.

CAS# : 


Specification :


Average particle size,nm


Content of TiO2 % ≥


PH value



White slurry

Property :
1.The slurry exists in the form of single particle size in the products.
2.The product has big surface area, strong adsorption of chemical bonded, hydroxyl group with electric charge.
3.The product has a good effect of anti-bacterial and odor-proofing property.
4.The product in anatase form has a strong function of photocatalytic
5. The slurry can improve the property of wash-resistance,wear-rasistance and anti-bacterial.


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