Manganese nitride

manganese compounds

The research of manganese nitride master alloy products has important practical significance and economic value for the deep processing industry of manganese metal. Because of the various functions of manganese and nitrogen, manganese and nitrogen elements should be added simultaneously when making high strength steel, stainless steel and heat resistant steel. When adding manganese and nitrogen in the form of elementary substance, there are some shortcomings, such as low solubility, low density, difficult to add and difficult to control the amount of nitrogen added.

However, when added in the form of nitrogen and manganese compounds, it is not only easy to be added, but also the utilization rate of manganese and nitrogen is high. Therefore, it is of great significance to study the preparation process of manganese nitride. At the same time, the market prospect of manganese nitride products is great.

The low electronic conductivity of traditional lithium ferrous silicate results in its low initial capacity and fast cyclic decay, which limits its further development. Manganese nitride modified carbon coating can effectively improve the electronic conductivity, discharge specific capacity and cycle stability of the material.


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