Silicon dioxide

Silicon dioxide

Product name: Silicon dioxide
CAS: 7631-86-9
Molecular formula: SiO2 
Molecular Weight: 60.0843 g/mol 

Silicon dioxide is a transparent or white granular solid with its melting point 1610°C.It  is insoluble in water or any solvent.It is non-toxic and tasteless.It is chemically stable  and has adsorption property, thermal stability, high mechanical strength.There are two kinds of silica gels:the organic and the inorganic.It is widely used for construction, electrical and electronic, textile, automobile, machinery, leather, paper, chemical, light industry, metal and paint, pharmaceutical and medical industry.This product should be stored in a dry place and kept away from wet,rains and light.

Silicon dioxide,also known as silica,is an oxide of silicon that has been known for its hardness since antiquity.Silica is used primarily in the production of window glass, drinking glasses and bottled beverages. The majority of optical fibers for telecommunications are also made from silica. It is a primary raw material for many whiteware ceramics such as earthenware, stoneware and porcelain, as well as industrial Portland cement.


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