Sodium Bromide

Sodium Bromide

Product name: Sodium Bromide

CAS No.: 7647-15-6

Molecular Formula: NaBr 
Appearance: White crystal 
Molecular weight: 102.89 
Density : 3.203g/cm3 @25°C
Melting points: 747°C
Boiling points: 1390 °C

Application: Photographic processing, as a chemical intermediate for the manufacture of various chemicals, and bromides. It is used for water clarification. Pharmaceutical grade is used in medicine as sedatives.

Transportation: No special regulations.

Storage and Handling: Protect packages from damage and keep them well closed. Store in a cool, well-ventilated, dry and shaded area. Avoid inhalation, ingestion and contact with eyes and skin.

Shipping: Shipped in 7 days after payment

Packaging: In plastic bag of 25kgs net lined with two layer of PE bags.


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