Titanium diboride

Titanium diboride

Product name: Titanium diboride
CAS: 12045-63-5 
Molecular formula: TiB2 
Molecular Weight: 69.489 g/mol 

Titanium Diboride is a kind of black-grey powder with hexagonal crystal system. It is odorless and its comprehensive property is excellent. It shows perfect heat proof ability, oxidation resistance and conductivity. Its density is 4.50-4.52, melting point is 2,980°C, and hardness is 3,600. The flexural strength of the hot pressed TiB2 parts are 131.3×106 Pa and it shows oxidation-resistance even at 1,100°C. Jonye TiB2 is made in 2000cetigrade temperature furnance that has good crystal, low carbon contents, high purity.

Titanium diboride is an extremely hard ceramic compound composed of titanium and boron which has excellent resistance to mechanical erosion. TiB2 is also a reasonable electrical conductor, an unusual property for a ceramic, so it can be used as a cathode material in aluminium smelting and can be shaped by electrical discharge machining.


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