Tungsten Carbide WC/12Co

Tungsten Carbide WC/12Co

Product name: Tungsten Carbide WC/12Co

Model NO.: WC/12Co 
Purity: 99%
color: gray
Storage: Avoid exposure to sunlight,Keep dry

Description: The 12 cobalt tungsten carbide powder is produced by adding a certain proportion of cobalt to tungsten carbide. The 12 cobalt  tungsten carbide powder is dark gray powder, which can be dissolved in a variety of carbides, especially in titanium carbide, which forms TiC-WC solid melt. The other compound of tungsten and carbon is carbonized two tungsten, the chemical formula is W2C, the melting point is 2860 C, the boiling point is 6000, and the relative density is 17.15. Its properties, preparation and use are the same as tungsten carbide powder.

Product Properties:
1)Excellent low-temperature wear properties
2)Dense, hard coating with marginal oxidation and corrosion resistance

Application: widely used in thermal spraying(HVOF) and spray welding. 

Shipping: within 3-10 days after received the payment

100g, 300g, 500g, 1kg per bag
25kg per drum
as needed


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