Yttrium(III) fluoride

Yttrium(III) fluoride

Product name:  Yttrium(III) fluoride; yttrium trifluoride  
CAS: 13709-49-4 
Molecular formula: YF3 
Molecular Weight:  145.9 g/mol 
EINECS No.: 237-257-5
Mol. Wt.: 145.90
TREO: ≥77%
Purity(Y2O3/TREO): 2N to 5N (99%-99.999%)
Appearance:  White or colorless crystal
Solubility: with deliquescent, easily soluble in water and ethanol

Yttrium(III) fluoride is an inorganic chemical compound.Sometimes mineral fluorite contains admixtures of yttrium.Yttrium(III) fluoride can be used for the production of metallic yttrium, thin films, glasses and ceramics.


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