Application of cobalt oxide

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Cobalt oxide is an important transition metal oxide. It is commonly used as a major raw material for the production of cemented carbides, superalloys, insulating materials and magnetic materials, as well as catalysts and dyes in the chemical industry. At present, the main application fields of cobalt oxide products in China are as follows:

1. Paint additive
The addition of cobalt oxide in the manufacture of various paints has improved the performance of the paint produced, especially as a drier in the paint, that is, it is easy to dry quickly in the use of the paint to increase the application rate. This is of great benefit to the rapid construction of the paint.

2. Enamel and ceramic pigments
The addition of cobalt oxide to the enamel material provides corrosion resistance and improved wear resistance. In various building materials and daily-use ceramics, blue pigment or glaze is made of cobalt oxide and applied to ceramic products. After roasting, it displays bright ceramics, which is more artistic.

3. Refined petroleum catalyst
Cobalt products have a long history as catalysts in petroleum refining and play an important role in promoting the development of refining. If some alloys are made of metal cobalt, aluminum, iron, etc., it is also important to use cobalt oxide as a petroleum catalyst, which is indispensable for accelerating petroleum refining. Therefore, the use of cobalt oxide catalysts has become an important factor in recent years.

4. Battery industry
Since the 1980s, cobalt powder has been widely used as an activator for charge and discharge of high-energy batteries in the field of rechargeable batteries.

With the further growth of small discrete mobile power demand, such as the rapid development of mobile communications and the rapid growth of notebook PC penetration, it has created a better opportunity for the development of the lithium-ion battery industry, correspondingly, for lithium-ion batteries. The demand for the positive electrode material LiCo02 has also increased significantly.

5. Other product ingredients
For example, hydrogen is reduced at a certain temperature to produce cobalt metal powder for use in the manufacture of cemented carbide; acid is dissolved in cobalt oxide to prepare an aqueous solution for electrolysis to obtain a metal cobalt ingot as a high-temperature high-strength alloy steel additive; The acidic cobalt solution can be produced by various chemical processes to produce cobalt salts such as CoC2, CoS04, CoCo3 and CoC204. Therefore, pure cobalt oxide is used as an intermediate material and is widely used. In addition, the use of cobalt oxide in electrical industries such as phosphor additives and other chemical industries has also rapidly developed. In general, the application of cobalt oxide will continue to expand.

Used in: varistor, thermistor, zinc oxide arrester, tube glass bulb, lithium ion battery and other industries. Used in paint pigments, ceramic glazes and cobalt catalysts.