The application of cobalt powder

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Crystallization cinereous powder, cobalt powder with irregular shape. Cobalt powder according to their chemical composition and physical properties are divided into, FCo - 2, FCo FCo - 1-3 three grades, the FCo - 1 for high performance of ultrafine cobalt powder, FCo to 2 for ultrafine cobalt powder.

Widely used in aviation, aerospace, electronics, machinery manufacturing, chemical and ceramic industries. Or cobalt base alloy containing cobalt alloy steel used for gas turbine blade, impeller, catheters, jet engines, rocket, missile parts and all kinds of high load of heat-resistant parts in chemical equipment and important metal materials of atomic energy industry. Cobalt cemented carbide as binder in powder metallurgy can guarantee a certain toughness. 

Magnetic alloy is indispensable to modern electronic and electromechanical industry materials, used in the manufacture of equipment such as sound, light, electricity and magnetism of various components. Cobalt is also an important part of the permanent magnetic alloys. In the chemical industry, cobalt except for high alloy and anti-corrosion alloy is also used in colored glass, pigment, enamel and catalyst, desiccant, etc.