Application of Lithium nitrate

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Lithium nitrate has a molecular formula of LiNO3 and a molecular weight of 68.95.

Lithium nitrate is colorless crystal and is hygroscopic. Heat to 600 ' C decomposition. Dissolved in about 2 parts of water, soluble in ethanol. The aqueous solution is neutral. The relative density is 2.38. The melting point is about 255 ' C. Strong oxidizing, rubbing or impacting with organic matter can cause burning or explosion. Irritating.

1. For ceramics. Fireworks manufacturing. Molten salt bath. Rocket propellant. freezer. Analytical reagents. Used in phosphor manufacturing, heat exchange carriers, and other lithium salt manufacturing.

2. Used as an analytical reagent, a heat exchange carrier for preparing phosphors, lithium salts, and also used in the ceramic industry.

3. Used in the manufacture of pottery, pyrotechnics, heat exchange media, analytical reagents, etc.

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