The application of magnesium powder

Submitted by admin on Fri, 11/16/2018 - 08:36

Magnesium powder, silvery white metal powder, lively metal, wet and flammable. It produces intense white light when burned and gives off high heat. Hydrogen reacts with water or moisture, releasing a large amount of heat, causing burning or explosion.

Because magnesium powder emits intense light when burned, early camera flashes used light from burning magnesium powder. Early flashlights were also known as spotlights (this name is still visible in some places to date), and the disadvantage of ordinary spotlights is that they can only be used once. Has been replaced by an electronic flash. Electronic flashlights are used on optical cameras and digital cameras. Also used for fireworks, electric welding rods, steel desulfurization.

Magnesium powder is widely used in aviation, aerospace, armament, automotive, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, smelting and other industries.

Magnesium powder has the characteristics of flammable and explosive, high temperature and dazzling white light when burned, so magnesium powder is widely used in science and technology fields such as military industry and aerospace industry. In the steelmaking industry and non-ferrous metal casting, magnesium powder is used as a desulfurizing agent and purifying agent to make a reducing agent in the production of rare metals. In the chemical industry, magnesium powder can be used more and more in the spray, coating and anti-corrosion industries, and is also used in single crystal silicon, polycrystalline silicon and metallurgical powder die casting.

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