Application of Strontium titanate

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Strontium titanate has a high dielectric constant and is an important raw material for electronic ceramic powder. Its products have the advantages of low dielectric loss and good thermal stability, and are widely used in the electronics industry.

Strontium titanate is an important raw material for the electronics industry to automatically adjust heating elements and manufacture components with degaussing. Used in the ceramic field to make ceramic capacitors, piezoelectric ceramic materials, ceramic sensitive components, microwave ceramic components. It can also be used as pigments, enamels, heat-resistant materials, and insulating materials. Strontium titanate single crystals can be used as optical materials and artificial gemstones.

Strontium titanate crystals have a high refractive index and a high dielectric constant, and their single crystals are used as optical materials and artificial gemstones. Low temperature superconductors based on Strontium titanate have also been fabricated. An example of its application is as follows:

1. Prepare a Strontium titanate transistor with simple process and good stability.
An n-type barium titanate SrAxTi1-xO3 or Sr1-xLaxTiO3 film material is prepared on a single crystal substrate (such as SrTiO3, YSZ, LaAlO3, Nb:SrTiO3, etc.) by using a doping method such as substitution doping, wherein A is Nb. Or Sb; preparing a p-type Strontium titanate SrBxTi1-xO3 film material, wherein B is In or Mn. All x values ​​range from 0.005 to 0.5.

2. Preparing a method for preparing an amorphous Strontium titanate thin film device,
The method comprises the following steps: annealing the bottom electrode solution on the surface of the substrate to form a bottom electrode; and baking the Strontium titanate solution on the surface of the bottom electrode to form a sour film; forming the Strontium titanate film to form a non-anneal a crystalline film; electron beam evaporation sputtering on the surface of the amorphous film to form a top electrode, to obtain an amorphous Strontium titanate thin film device.

The biggest innovation of the amorphous Strontium titanate thin film device is that the main oxide film layer of the device is an amorphous film, and the preparation method is simple, the temperature requirement in the preparation process is low, the mass production can be carried out, and the prepared product is prepared. Strontium titanate thin film devices have excellent stability and fatigue resistance and can be recycled for a wide range of applications.

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