Characteristics and uses of Albite

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Albite is actually a common feldspar mineral, usually showing a glassy crystal. It can be made colorless and transparent or it can be of various colors. This material can be used to make ceramics or glass. Let's take a look at the characteristics and uses of this mineral.

Characteristics of albite
Due to the particularity of its own generation environment, it has formed its unique characteristics. In high temperature environments, it has a fast dissolution effect on clay and quartz lamps, and has a high solubility. Moreover, it has good transparency, low melting temperature, and its high temperature viscosity is relatively small, and it changes with temperature.

Use of Albite powder
In addition to its wide application in the industrial field, Albite powder are also widely used in the field of ceramics. At the same time, Albite powder is also the best choice for making glass, and it is the most important component in glass mix. The iron content contained is relatively low, and the amount of alkali used can be effectively reduced. Relatively speaking, the fact Albite powder gradually turns into glass after melting is a process that requires comparison of fields, but there is no crystallization, and the glass article is prevented from being destroyed by crystallization during the production process.

It can also be used in ceramic glazes to make the glaze more soft and effectively reduce the melting temperature during the manufacturing process.