Chemical composition of Molybdenum powder

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Molybdenum Powder: The appearance is dark gray, the color should be uniform, no agglomeration, no visible inclusions.

Appearance: Appearance of gray metal powder, uniform color, no visible mechanical impurities.

Ingredients: Metallic molybdenum in powder state.

Introduction: Molybdenum powder is usually made by using ammonium paramolybdate or calcined MoO3 as raw material and reduced by hydrogen. It is the raw material for the preparation of molybdenum deep processing products by powder metallurgy.

Molybdenum powder is divided into two types: light molybdenum powder (PCC) and molybdenum powder (GCC). The characteristics of molybdenum powder can be artificially controlled color, particle size, surface characteristics, dispersion, rheology, thixotropic and crystal form, etc., and molybdenum powder has high chemical purity, strong chemical inertness and good thermal stability, and is not below 400 degrees Celsius. Will decompose. In addition, the molybdenum powder also has the advantages of low oil absorption rate, low hardness, low abrasion value, non-toxicity, odorlessness, odorlessness and good dispersibility.

Chemical composition of Molybdenum powder:
Product grade                                                                        FMo-1            FMo-2
Main content (mass fraction), not less than                           99.95             99.90
Impurity content (mass fraction), not greater than       Pb      0.0005           0.0005
                                                                                     Bi       0.0005         0.0005
                                                                                     Sn      0.0005         0.0005
                                                                                     Sb       0.0010         0.0010
                                                                                     Cd       0.0010         0.0010
                                                                                     Fe        0.0050         0.0030
                                                                                     Al        0.0015         0.0050
                                                                                     Si        0.0020         0.0100
                                                                                     Mg       0.0020         0.0050