China factory supply Anion Nanopowder for sell

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Negative ion emission: >6200 /cm3
Anion Nanopowder Color: Light gray liquid
Anion Nanopowder PH: 7.0±0.5
Anion Nanopowder APS: 40nm
Anion Nanopowder Purity: 99.99%

Properties: small particle size, uniformly to be dispersed in water-based solution, very stable, can be diluted by adding pure water, long-term placement no precipitation, not grainy, can release large amount negative ions. It can be widely used in various anion products.

Anion for the preparation of textile finishing agent; Anion for the preparation of a variety of cosmetics; Anion for the preparation of a variety of coatings; Daily chemical used to manufacture a variety of negative ions health supplies; For the manufacture of ceramics, textiles, paper, wood and other various negative ion products.

Nano anion powder water dispersion product dosage:
Household Products: 0.1-0.5% added directly; Industrial products: 5-10% added directly.

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